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A project of innovative ideas and methods on using arts in pre-school and school education for European citizenship and European identity formation.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

POLAND: : moving point with jazz

Statements children:
Julia: "Wild animals. A wolf and a bear are prowling in the forest. The wolf ate the dog and cat. "
Wladzio: “A bear is dancing".
Susan: "It is a cave. A wolf lives in the cave.”
Natasha: "A kitten is catching  mice."
Sophie: "I drew my mom"
Victor: "This is my sharp teeth"

 During the work,  they are  listening to jazz of Jarosław Śmietana  "Combo"

   Then, with their eyes closed they are drawing  using pastels and their imaginations.

  Children are watching the picture of Thomas Ciecierski "Tumult".

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